Without the dedicated efforts of Hastings Stewardship Council members we would be unable to accomplish our mandate and it is my pleasure to thank them all sincerely for their contributions to community stewardship.  In particular, I wish to thank Matt Caruana, our coordinator who helps to lead and facilitate our activities and communications throughout the year.

Our stated purpose of Hastings Stewardship Council is to “achieve and maintain, through voluntary efforts, a healthy and sustainable environment that will contribute towards the viability of agricultural and natural resources in Hastings County”.  Our goal is to provide leadership to achieve these objectives by working with the many people in our communities who share our values of good land stewardship.

Through workshops, conferences and speaker events we encourage landowners and community leaders to engage in stewardship activities.  The Trenton Woodlot Conference has run for nearly 30 years and is a premier forest event in Eastern Ontario.  Our well attended Winter Speaker Series in Ivanhoe have been a wonderful opportunity to share ideas about topics ranging from local archaeology and falconry to fishery, forestry and wildlife management.

In partnership with municipalities each spring we offer the “Community Trees Program” where tree seedlings are offered to landowners for planting in urban or residential areas.  This ongoing program can provide a great deal in terms of urban forest cover as landowners plant and care for their native tree seedlings on their own property.  As well we encourage landowners to take advantage of our forest extension services, well-funded “50 Million Tree Planting Program”, and the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program to support the management of their forested properties.

We are pleased to work in partnership with many local agencies including Ontario Woodlot Association, County of Hastings, City of Belleville and City of Quinte West and local municipalities, Forests Ontario, Bird Studies Canada, Quinte Field Naturalist, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and local Conservation Agencies.  By working together and working respectfully with landowners in Hastings County we will continue to encourage good stewardship of the lands in which we live. 

May the Forest be with you……

Gareth Metcalfe, Chair Hastings Stewardship Council



The Council is a community based volunteer, non profit organization, which:

• Promotes dialogue and cooperation between different land user groups.

• Coordinates resources to support land stewardship projects.

• Promotes good land stewardship through education and workshops for present and future owners and users of the land.


Council Members

Gareth Metcalfe- chair - engineer, woodlot owner, Quinte West

Thekla Hummel - vice chair, environmental biologist, graphic designer, landowner, Quinte West

Jim Pedersen - past chairman, forestry technician, Tweed

Vicky Cusack - treasurer,  human resources and financial management, Belleville

Ray Wellman - forestry, petro chemical business, Springbrook

Charles Robinson - farmer, alternative energy expert, O'Hara Mills volunteer, Madoc Township

Herman Ebbers - forest manager,  Ontario Professional Forester Association, forest and wildlife technician, Stirling 

Frank Forestell - agribusiness consultant, Belleville

Louise Livingstone -  landscape ecologist,  Society of Environmental Journalists. OFA, OWA member,  Stirling

Dale Grant -  executive member of Hastings County Cattlemen Association, board member of Quinte Conservation, Quinte West

Ken Sinclair - civil/ structural professional engineer, landowner in Hastings County, Stirling

Matt Caruana -  environmental management, energy consultant, member OWA, Bonarlaw.