Hastings Stewardship Council Grants 2013

Guidelines and application form

The Hastings Stewardship Council (HSC) plans to provide limited funds to assist local stewardship and conservation initiatives in partnership with landowner groups, individuals, resource associations, agencies and municipalities within Hastings County (including the Cities of Belleville and Quinte West). Co-operation is sought to provide complimentary services and support to landowners while avoiding duplication of efforts. Funds available are intended as "seed" money to lever additional investment by our partners, in terms of cash or "in-kind" contributions, towards achieving the mission of HSC.  

Applicants submitting a proposal or requiring further information may contact Matt Caruana, Hastings Stewardship coordinator, info@hastingsstewardship.ca or call (613) 391-9034. The coordinator is available to guide applicants and help to find sources of financial, technical and volunteer assistance.

Terms and conditions for funding

1. Funds are available to groups whose projects are non-profit and help achieve the mission and/or focus of the HSC. The funds shall not be used for incentive grants to benefit individuals.

2. A written application for funds on the attached form is required.

3. A written description of the proposal and how it will help achieve the purpose and mandate of the HSC is recommended with the application. This should include the purpose, background, method, budget, start/finish dates, list of partners and their contributions.

4. The HSC must be acknowledged as a sponsor.

5. The HSC may ask you to come to a meeting to talk about your project or ask for a progress report.

6.  A follow up report (including photos) must be submitted to the HSC within 30 days of the scheduled completion of the project.

7. The availability and amount of funds approved is determined by the HSC and decisions will be made by July 31, 2013.

8. Up to 100% of the total capital cost of the project may be approved. However, the HSC must be satisfied that the applicants are contributing their share of in-kind contributions and have secured reasonable funding and/or resource contributions from other sources.

9. The HSC will exercise discretion to set maximum funding limits per project on a case by case basis. The schedule for payment will be mutually agreed upon between the HSC and the applicant and may include a lump sum payment of the total funds approved with a hold back of 10% upon submission of a final project report.

10.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to: 

  • ensure the project meets all relevant municipal, provincial and federal laws and regulations;
  • ensure the practices and activities undertaken are suitable and technically adequate;
  • employ proper accounting procedures in keeping record of the funding and costs of the project;
  • retain all applicable receipts for eligible items or services purchased, for audit purposes.

11. Any funds awarded by the HSC but not utilised by the applicant in a manner approved by the HSC, shall be returned to the HSC no later than the project's identified termination date.

12. Projects approved for funding by the HSC must be initiated, to the satisfaction of the HSC, within one year of receiving funding approval. If approved projects are not initiated within this time frame, reapplication for funds will be required.

Process for approval

The Hastings Stewardship Council will initially provide $10,000 dollars of funding in total with an application deadline of June 30, 2013. The maximum award for any one application will be $3000.

Initially, applicants are encouraged to contact a member of the HSC or the stewardship coordinator Matt Caruana to discuss their proposal in general terms and to obtain a copy of these guidelines, an application form and the profile of the HSC. The applicant should complete and forward the required information to the the Stewardship Coordinator. A selection committee will make recommendations to the Hastings Stewardship Council in July 2013.

Download guidelines for funding pdf

Download application form

Application for funding

Project Name:





Contact person:

Project description:

How will project help achieve the HSC mandate

$ Amount requested:

Budget details:

Other sources of funding and support amount:

Start/finish dates:

By signing this application below, the applicant requesting funding from the Hastings Stewardship Council(HSC)  hereby agrees: to abide by the terms and conditions for funding as stipulated in the HSC Guidelines for Project Eligibility and Funding; that the HSC will not be responsible for any problems or accidents that may arise relative to the applicant’s project, and; to save harmless and keep indemnified the HSC from and against all actions, causes of actions, claims and demands for damages, loss or injury howsoever arising relative to any such project.

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